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Why are centrifugal compressors essential for petrochemical plants?

Centrifugal Compressor for Oil refining

The widespread application of centrifugal compressors in the petrochemical industry

Centrifugal compressors, as common industrial equipment in the petrochemical industry, play a crucial role and are integral components of the industry. This article will introduce the application of centrifugal compressors in the petrochemical industry and highlight their advantages in enhancing productivity and energy efficiency.

Let’s look at a table.

Comparative Analysis of Compressor Types in Petrochemical Applications

Compressor Type Advantages Applications Energy Efficiency (%)
Centrifugal Compressor Oil-free operation, high efficiency, compact design Gas separation (oxygen/nitrogen), Instrument air supply, Pipeline cleaning >85%
Reciprocating Compressor Suitable for high-pressure applications, cost-effective for small capacities Gas boosting, Ethylene compression 70-90%
Screw Compressor Good for medium capacities, low maintenance Gas injection, Hydrogen compression 70-75%


  • Centrifugal Compressor: Widely used for gas separation and instrument air supply due to its oil-free operation and high efficiency.
  • Reciprocating Compressor: Effective for high-pressure tasks but more suitable for smaller capacities.
  • Screw Compressor: Reliable for medium capacities with relatively lower energy efficiency compared to centrifugal compressors.

This table highlights the energy efficiency and key applications of different compressor types, emphasizing the advantages of centrifugal compressors for petrochemical processes.

Gas supply for instruments and valves

Centrifugal compressors are extensively used in the petrochemical industry to supply compressed gas required for specific precision instruments and control valves to ensure their normal operation and startup functions. According to statistics, approximately 80% of instruments and control valves in the petrochemical industry rely on compressed gas as a power source. Even minimal oil contamination can lead to equipment failures. Oil-free centrifugal compressors ensure an oil-free environment, and studies have shown that using oil-free centrifugal compressors can reduce equipment failure rates to below 5%, extending equipment lifespan, lowering maintenance costs, and ensuring higher-quality gas output.

Gas separation

Centrifugal compressors are widely applied in oxygen and nitrogen production systems, utilizing centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation to separate gases. Industry data indicates that centrifugal compressors typically achieve energy efficiencies of over 85%, with compact and efficient designs that provide high-quality oxygen and nitrogen continuously and stably for production processes. The consistent operation greatly reduces the risk of production interruptions, ensuring the continuity and stability of gas supply systems, which is especially critical for production lines that rely on precise gas ratios and continuous operations.

Pipeline cleaning

Compressed gas is widely used as an efficient and convenient cleaning medium for maintaining pipeline safety. Research shows that using compressed gas for pipeline cleaning increases efficiency by over 30% compared to traditional cleaning methods. Compressed gas, with its powerful pressure, swiftly removes dirt, residues, and other contaminants from pipelines. Even trace amounts of oil can pose potential fire hazards under specific conditions. Centrifugal compressors effectively prevent oil generation and mixing during compression, ensuring the purity of compressed gas.

Process support

Compressed gas plays a crucial role in various production processes such as desulfurization, catalyst regeneration, acid solution oxidation, and gasoline desulfurization. Surveys indicate that the application of compressed gas can improve the efficiency and output of these processes, reduce energy consumption, and consequently save production costs. Even minor oil contamination can severely impact product quality, leading to decreased equipment performance or production interruptions. Ensuring clean, oil-free compressed gas is particularly critical during calibration and testing processes to prevent contamination-related disruptions and measurement inaccuracies.

DEHAHA Centrifugal Compressors

DEHAHA centrifugal compressors are extensively used in industries that demand absolutely oil-free compressed air, such as food processing, beverage production, pharmaceutical manufacturing, packaging, electronic manufacturing (automated painting), powder coating, and synthetic fiber production. DEHAHA’s products are certified to provide oil-free compressed air, meeting the stringent air purity requirements of these industries.

Single-machine PLC control system

DEHAHA centrifugal compressors are equipped with a single-machine PLC control system. The overall control cabinet features a clear and user-friendly interface, allowing one-touch startup and touchscreen operation for simple and efficient control. The LCD screen displays various parameters, enabling real-time monitoring to ensure reliable equipment operation.

Multi-machine intelligent centralized control system

DEHAHA centrifugal compressors also support multi-machine intelligent centralized control systems, enabling unified control with one-touch operation and on-demand startup across multiple machines to enhance efficiency. This system includes energy efficiency optimization features for operation monitoring, fault prediction, and energy analysis. Additionally, the remote monitoring system allows real-time monitoring of compressor operation status via PC or mobile terminal, providing convenient remote management and troubleshooting capabilities.



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Electric Driven Portable Screw Air Compressor
Electric Driven Portable Screw Air Compressor
Electric Driven Portable Screw Air Compressor   Electric Driven Portable Screw Air Compressor
Scroll compression principle Compressor sucks air through air inlet located at outer scroll.Compression chamber goes smaller with rotary movement and trapped air is compressed.Compression chamber becomes minimum volume at the center of the scroll and air is pumped out through air outlet located at the center of scroll.These, suction, compression & discharging, process is repeated continuously. Long maintenance cycle with long life consumable parts. Compressor head replacement at every 10,000 hours or 4 years whichever comes earlier. Scroll oil free screw air compressor, 100% oil free for food industry, dental and medical industry. Technical parameter Model Capacity (m³/min ) Power (kW) Host architecture Exhaust pressure (Mpa) Noise (dB) Outlet diameter Dimensions (mm) L*W*H Weight (kg) DHH2OS 0.24 2.2 2.2*1 0.8 58±2 1/2 640*660*890 200 DHH3OS 0.41 3.7 3.7*1 0.8 58±2 1/2 640*660*890 220 DHH3OS 0.36 3.7 3.7*1 1 58±2 1/2 640*660*890 220 DHH5OS 0.60 5.5 5.5*1 0.8 58±2 1/2 640*660*890 240 DHH7OS 0.82 7.5 3.7*2 0.8 58±2 3/4 1000*690*990 300 DHH7OS 0.72 7.5 3.7*2 1 58±2 3/4 1000*690*990 300 DHH11OS 1.25 11 5.5*2 0.8 58±2 3/4 1000*690*990 340 DHH11OS 1.25 11 3.7*3 0.8 58±2 3/4 1150*690*1700 430 DHH11OS 1.08 11 3.7*3 1 58±2 3/4 1150*690*1700 430 DHH15OS 1.66 15 3.7*4 0.8 62±2 1 1490*1150*1290 620 DHH15OS 1.44 15 3.7*4 1 62±2 1 1490*1150*1290 620 DHH16OS 1.80 16.5 5.5*3 0.8 62±2 1 1150*690*1700 490 DHH18OS 2.14 18.5 3.7*5 0.8 65±2 1 1490*1150*1700 840 DHH18OS 1.77 18.5 3.7*5 1 65±2 1 1490*1150*1700 840 DHH22OS 2.55 22 5.5*4 0.8 65±2 1 1490*1150*1290 700 DHH22OS 2.55 22 3.7*6 0.8 65±2 1 1490*1150*1700 910 DHH22OS 2.11 22 3.7*6 1 68±2 1 1490*1150*1700 910 DHH30OS 3.40 30 3.7*8 0.8 68±2 5/4 1490*1150*2140 1140 DHH30OS 2.81 30 3.7*8 1 68±2 5/4 1490*1150*2140 1140 DHH33OS 3.60 33 5.5*6 0.8 68±2 5/4 1490*1150*1700 1010 Clean oil free compressed air Adopt 74 degree conicity dry seamless, more reliable seamless, eliminate air leakage. Not just compression process is oil free, but also on the afterward transportation adopt stainless steel pipe, stainless steel check valve, stainless steel air receiver(for air receiver mounted), ensure the quality of compressed air. High efficiency scroll air end Adopt the advanced oil free scroll airend, reliable bearing and grease, make sure the reliability and long life-span of airend, high precise machine for motivated scroll, fixed scroll and housing, ensure high efficiency of airend. Reliable seamless material, ensure compression chamber and lubricated transmit 100% be separate, ensure compressed air is oil free. High Reliability Cooling fan adopt integrated centrifugal impeller, low noise, high cooling air pressure, high cooling air, ensure the cooling air is enough, ventilation fan adopt silence axial fan, ensure the heat inside of cabinet could be eliminated in time. Heat exchange has been increased 20%-30%, anticorrosive treatment inner structure, after strict testing, ensure the exhausting air less than environment temp.+10-15ºC, reduce the burden of downstream equipment. Adopt direct driven, not belt driven, improve transmission efficiency & reliability, reduce the maintenance cost of changing belt. Project case 30Kw 120CFM compressor 8bar pressure oil free rotary scroll air compressor
DEHAHA Oil Free Rotary Scroll Air Compressor
DEHAHA Oil Free Rotary Scroll Air Compressor       Technical parameter Model Capacity (m³/min...
Centrifugal Compressor for Oil refining
Centrifugal Compressor for Oil Refining
Centrifugal Compressor for Oil Refining   Technical Parameter   Applications


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