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What’s the Secret to Keeping Oil-Free Air Compressor Running Longer?

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Regular maintenance of oil-free air compressors is essential for prolonging their lifespan. From startup procedures to operational checks, inspecting materials, and conducting timely component maintenance are all crucial steps in ensuring the longevity of oil-free air compressors. Let’s delve into the specific key points to pay attention to.


I. Methods to Extend the Lifespan of Oil-Free Air Compressors:

1. Follow the operational procedures for oil-free air compressor equipment. Most shutdown procedures are the reverse of startup. Gradually reduce the speed to a very low level. Fully open the exhaust branch valve, close the exhaust valve completely, shut down the drive motor, and confirm that the entire series of air compressor equipment will gradually stop automatically. Do not stop the supply of cooling water within 30 minutes after equipment shutdown.

2. After completing operations with oil-free air compressor equipment, inspect various cutting levels and check the fit between cutting pieces and cutting bodies. Replace parts if there are cracks on the slices. Check the front cover of each cylinder level and assess the friction on the cylinder mirror surface. Investigate friction conditions on the body guide rail and friction surface. Remove connecting rod bushings and crosshead pins, and assess friction on the friction surface.

3. Check the oil level indicated by the oil level indicator of the oil-free air compressor to ensure it meets requirements. Inspect connections and fastenings for any looseness and fix them promptly. Observe and assess the flexibility of moving parts. Rotate the flywheel by hand to allow the oil-free air compressor to idle two or three times. Address any issues of paper jams or collisions.

4. Check the quality of the lubricating oil in the oil-free air compressor and replace the lubricating oil in the body. Due to part wear and the cleaning action of lubricating oil during the initial operation of the oil-free air compressor, a large amount of metal fines enter the lubricating oil. Therefore, replace all lubricating oil after 24 hours of operation and change the oil again after 200 hours. Follow routine maintenance requirements for subsequent oil changes.


II. Major Component Maintenance of Oil-Free Air Compressors:

1. Ensure that all pressures within the oil-free air compressor system have been released, isolated from other pressure sources, the main circuit breaker is disconnected, and safety markings prohibiting closing are in place before repairing or replacing each component as per the table.

2. The timing of compressor cooling lubricating oil changes depends on usage environment, humidity, dust, and the presence of acidic or alkaline gases in the air. For newly purchased oil-free silent air compressors, replace the oil after the first 500 hours of operation, then every 4000 hours thereafter for normal oil change cycles. Machines operating less than 4000 hours annually should have their oil changed once a year.

3. Replace the oil filter after the first 300-500 hours of initial operation, then every 2000 hours thereafter for normal replacement intervals of every 2000 hours.

4. When maintaining or replacing air filters or intake valves, prevent any debris from entering the compressor’s main cavity. Close the main machine inlet during operations and rotate the main machine several turns by hand in the direction of rotation after completion of operations to ensure no obstructions before starting.

5. Check belt tension every approximately 2000 hours of machine operation. Adjust loose belts until they are tight to protect them from oil contamination throughout the process.

6. Replace the oil filter every time the oil is changed.


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