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What specs do I need to look at when buying a compressor?

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How to Choose the Right Air Compressor?

1. Try to analyze the requirements of the air tools that will be used.

Consider the pressure and volume requirements of any tool. For e.g, Heavy-duty tools will require more pressure and thus more volume. If one fails to choose a compressor that is large enough for the intended use, the work efficiency will decrease to a considerable extent.

2. Choose between piston-type and portable compressors.

Piston-type compressors rely on a motor which builds up air pressure when it gets depleted. They store compressed air in tanks.
Portable compressors do not offer tanks and thus run continuously in order to deliver air.

3.Look at the horsepower (HP) of the air compressor.

Range for horsepower on an air compressor is between 1.5 and 6.5 HP which can be used for small and medium-sized applications. Air compressors with larger HP are usually reserved for industrial uses.

Diesel Screw Compressor for Sale Dehaha Air Compressor
Diesel Screw Compressor for Sale Dehaha Air Compressor

4. Try to look at Cubic Feet per Minute or CFM:

CFM measures volumetric flow. The CFM changes in accordance with the psi of the compressor, it implies that the two tools with different psi will not necessarily have CFMs that we can just add together.
If the psi of the tools are different we can then look for Standard CFM (SCFM) at the time of evaluating compressors. They measure standard CFM at 14.5 PSIA, at 68 °F (20 °C), with 0% relative humidity.

5. Consider your power source:

Depending on the availability of electricity we can opt for a drive system with an electric motor or drive the compressor via gasoline engine.

6. Size of the tank:

If we are using a piston-type compressor we should determine how large our tank should be. If we are operating it for low duty applications, i.e. when using a nail gun we can use one with a small tank.However, if we aim to work for extended periods of time, we would prefer a compressor with a large tank.

Air Compressor Installation Location

The air compressor should ideally be located as close to the area where the compressed air has to be used. Moreover, it should be located in a dry, clean, cool and well-ventilated area.Keep it away from dirt, vapor, and volatile fumes that might clog the filter and valves.

Ambient temperature conditions can vary depending on the manufacturer and should be first reviewed before purchasing a compressor. Typical ambient conditions generally range from 32˚F to 115˚F.

Compressor Controls and System Performance

Air systems seldom operate at full load all of the time and hence the ability to efficiently control flow is important.

1.Start/Stop –

This is the easiest and most efficient control strategy. It can be applied to either reciprocating or rotary screw compressors. Essentially, the motor driving turns on or off based on the discharge pressure of the machine. A pressure switch can generate start/stop signals.This is generally applicable for compressors having a size smaller than 30 horsepower.

2.Load/Unload –

Sometimes, people refer to this control mode as online/offline control.It keeps the motor running but unloads the compressor when the discharge pressure becomes adequate. Unloaded rotary screw compressors do not produce any compressed air output while it typically consumes 15-35% of their full load power demand.


Variable Displacement:

Some lubricated rotary screw compressors vary their output capacity using special capacity control valves, also called spiral or poppet valves. You can control the output pressure and power consumption of the compressor without starting/stopping or loading/unloading it.At points above 60% loading, this control method has good efficiency.
At flows below 40% capacity, one can use pressure switch activated unloading controls to reduce power consumption at lower flows.


Variable Speed Drive (VSD):

As per the air demand, this control method changes the speed of the compressor.
The variable speed drive controls can be equipped with both lubricated and oil-free screw compressors to adjust the drive motor speed as per the demand requirements to maintain constant pressure.

DEHAHA DM-10A VSD Rotary Screw Air Compressor Industrial 7.5kW /DEHAHA Rotary Air Compressor OEM & ODM
DEHAHA DM-10A VSD Rotary Screw Air Compressor Industrial 7.5kW



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Electric Driven Portable Screw Air Compressor
Electric Driven Portable Screw Air Compressor
Electric Driven Portable Screw Air Compressor   Electric Driven Portable Screw Air Compressor
Scroll compression principle Compressor sucks air through air inlet located at outer scroll.Compression chamber goes smaller with rotary movement and trapped air is compressed.Compression chamber becomes minimum volume at the center of the scroll and air is pumped out through air outlet located at the center of scroll.These, suction, compression & discharging, process is repeated continuously. Long maintenance cycle with long life consumable parts. Compressor head replacement at every 10,000 hours or 4 years whichever comes earlier. Scroll oil free screw air compressor, 100% oil free for food industry, dental and medical industry. Technical parameter Model Capacity (m³/min ) Power (kW) Host architecture Exhaust pressure (Mpa) Noise (dB) Outlet diameter Dimensions (mm) L*W*H Weight (kg) DHH2OS 0.24 2.2 2.2*1 0.8 58±2 1/2 640*660*890 200 DHH3OS 0.41 3.7 3.7*1 0.8 58±2 1/2 640*660*890 220 DHH3OS 0.36 3.7 3.7*1 1 58±2 1/2 640*660*890 220 DHH5OS 0.60 5.5 5.5*1 0.8 58±2 1/2 640*660*890 240 DHH7OS 0.82 7.5 3.7*2 0.8 58±2 3/4 1000*690*990 300 DHH7OS 0.72 7.5 3.7*2 1 58±2 3/4 1000*690*990 300 DHH11OS 1.25 11 5.5*2 0.8 58±2 3/4 1000*690*990 340 DHH11OS 1.25 11 3.7*3 0.8 58±2 3/4 1150*690*1700 430 DHH11OS 1.08 11 3.7*3 1 58±2 3/4 1150*690*1700 430 DHH15OS 1.66 15 3.7*4 0.8 62±2 1 1490*1150*1290 620 DHH15OS 1.44 15 3.7*4 1 62±2 1 1490*1150*1290 620 DHH16OS 1.80 16.5 5.5*3 0.8 62±2 1 1150*690*1700 490 DHH18OS 2.14 18.5 3.7*5 0.8 65±2 1 1490*1150*1700 840 DHH18OS 1.77 18.5 3.7*5 1 65±2 1 1490*1150*1700 840 DHH22OS 2.55 22 5.5*4 0.8 65±2 1 1490*1150*1290 700 DHH22OS 2.55 22 3.7*6 0.8 65±2 1 1490*1150*1700 910 DHH22OS 2.11 22 3.7*6 1 68±2 1 1490*1150*1700 910 DHH30OS 3.40 30 3.7*8 0.8 68±2 5/4 1490*1150*2140 1140 DHH30OS 2.81 30 3.7*8 1 68±2 5/4 1490*1150*2140 1140 DHH33OS 3.60 33 5.5*6 0.8 68±2 5/4 1490*1150*1700 1010 Clean oil free compressed air Adopt 74 degree conicity dry seamless, more reliable seamless, eliminate air leakage. Not just compression process is oil free, but also on the afterward transportation adopt stainless steel pipe, stainless steel check valve, stainless steel air receiver(for air receiver mounted), ensure the quality of compressed air. High efficiency scroll air end Adopt the advanced oil free scroll airend, reliable bearing and grease, make sure the reliability and long life-span of airend, high precise machine for motivated scroll, fixed scroll and housing, ensure high efficiency of airend. Reliable seamless material, ensure compression chamber and lubricated transmit 100% be separate, ensure compressed air is oil free. High Reliability Cooling fan adopt integrated centrifugal impeller, low noise, high cooling air pressure, high cooling air, ensure the cooling air is enough, ventilation fan adopt silence axial fan, ensure the heat inside of cabinet could be eliminated in time. Heat exchange has been increased 20%-30%, anticorrosive treatment inner structure, after strict testing, ensure the exhausting air less than environment temp.+10-15ºC, reduce the burden of downstream equipment. Adopt direct driven, not belt driven, improve transmission efficiency & reliability, reduce the maintenance cost of changing belt. Project case 30Kw 120CFM compressor 8bar pressure oil free rotary scroll air compressor
DEHAHA Oil Free Rotary Scroll Air Compressor
DEHAHA Oil Free Rotary Scroll Air Compressor       Technical parameter Model Capacity (m³/min...
Centrifugal Compressor for Oil refining
Centrifugal Compressor for Oil Refining
Centrifugal Compressor for Oil Refining   Technical Parameter   Applications


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